A chronologic timeline of Emily's experience and skills.

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new york city / california

The Beginning

2014 / 2016

While living across the country in one of the liveliest metropolitan cities, I experienced a true coming of age. New York City gave me a taste of what it meant to be “an adult in the real world.” I fell in love with the towering skyscrapers, ethnic boroughs, throngs of diverse people and mentality for success — not even the weather can deter my admiration for the city.

While in NYC, I became very interested in fashion, fitness and environmental sustainability. I had the opportunity to attend an intimate conversation with Daniel Silverstien, a pioneer in zero-waste fashion. In addition, I was the Vice-President of the SJU Earth Club. Our weekly meeting either focused on spreading awareness about worldwide environmental issues or harvesting crops from the campus garden. The most successful event was Earth Fest, hosting local environmentally conscious vendors and restaurants, with more than 2,500 students in attendance. Overall, NYC was a huge transition period as an individual, I became more comfortable with myself and visualized the steps I would need to take to reach my goals.

Upon my return to southern California, I immediately enrolled at Orange Coast College (OCC) to complete the necessary general education classes for transfer. I utilized my time at OCC to experiment with different elective classes including: graphic design, interpersonal communications and the history of rock and roll music. I also pushed myself out of my social comfort zone as the Director of Communications of the Associate Student Body's Inter-Club Council, and the eighth seat on the JV women's crew team.


los angeles / california

The University of Southern California

2016 / 2017 / 2018

I remember it coming home exhausted after my last final. To my surprise, a package was waiting for me from the mail. I was overcome with emotion. Reading my acceptance letter from USC proved patience and hard work does pay off.

I can’t image another university more suited to my career and personal goals. While at USC, I experienced first-hand the importance of meeting daily deadlines as a social media journalist for the Annenberg Media Center. I also strengthened my verbal and writing skills as an account associate for TriSight Communications overseeing the communication execution of the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) Foundation's annual Fahrenheit Gala.

I was fortunate to have been chosen to visit India as part of USC’s Alternative Winter Break (AWB) program. I don’t have a background in teaching or social work, but I felt an internal calling to share my talents, learn about a new culture, and connect with new people. The service trip was magical. During the week, we dedicated our time to the ABC’s and multiplication tables. But let’s be honest, it was more games than teaching. On the weekends, we ventured throughout Northern India from the Agra, Rathambore, and Jaipur. I saw a tiger on Christmas and welcomed 2017 whilst trekking through the desert on a camel; I am still speechless. The overwhelming feeling of companionship and humility has continued to impact my life even after returning home. I went to India to help the children, but little did I know an entire community would impact my life more than I ever could for them. 

Junior year, my calendar was always booked. Amid lectures and extracurricular, I interned at Harper’s PR, a fashion showroom in West Hollywood. While at the company, I recruited new brands and clients, prepared monthly invoices, garnered media impressions and oversaw the company’s Twitter. Meanwhile, I utilized the native platform to boost user engagement, contributed to a holiday gift guide campaign and collected data for marketing research as the USC student ambassador for Questie, a startup fashion app. As a TriSight account associate, my team and I preparing media kits and media outreach for the LAFD Foundation’s annual Fahrenheit Gala. The highlight of the year was live-tweeting Magic Johnson’s guest appearance at the event we worked the entire semester to market.

The International Communications Studies (ICS) program is one of Annenberg’s most dynamic and prestigious study abroad programs. In just four weeks, a small group of Annenberg undergraduate and graduate students flew, drove and explored five major European cities. Our peregrination started in London then to Paris, followed by a quick visit to Madrid and Berlin, finally ending in Prague. In just a short time, we immersed ourselves into the culture and career mindsets of some of the world’s leading public communication and media companies across Europe. BBC World News Service in London, Disneyland Paris, DDB España in Madrid, NPRxBerlin, and the Foreign Ministry in the office of the President in Prague were among the company visits. Unlike other study abroad programs, I was attracted to the ICS program because for the travel and networking opportunities. The program did not disappoint. Discussions from international news and public relations firms ranged from current world issues and the international political climate through the lens of the media, government, and private institutions. The integrated learning environment in conjunction with the hands-on approach broadened my perspective toward navigating the international media and communications landscape and potential career prospects. Above all, the ICS program pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged my perspective toward Europe and the world. Since returning home, ICS has continued to influence my career path as I interned for BOLD Communication & Marketing’s Los Angeles office the following spring. 

After visiting the BOLD Berlin office as part of the ICS program, I knew I wanted to work there. I remember being enamored by the brand’s street-style aesthetic, witty and effortless confidence. Everyone was socool. I made it my mission to work at the BOLD Los Angeles office. It’s funny how just by focusing on positive thoughts and stepping into radical action, more positive experience can enter your life. This is how I manifested working for my dream company – BOLD. 


los angeles / orange county

A New Challenge


A dreaded question by so many soon-to-be and recent graduates, “so what’s next?” is a loaded question warranting a pitting feeling within the stomach. After much consideration, I decided there is still so much to discover and explore. I currently split my time between Los Angeles and Orange County.  I love my current position as a special events assistant at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County overseeing the production of community events, internal programs, and weddings. In addition, I continue to be inspired by my ICS trip especially to Berlin. Therefore, I am furthering my education by studying nutrition and dietetics. I am documenting my journey online, check it out here and here.

I am extremely grateful for my college journey. The irreplaceable opportunities offered at USC in addition to traveling has humbled and empowered me. These experiences have matured and motivated me. Now, I can confidently answer the “what next?” question with this: I am open to whatever life has in store for me.